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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Think Fast

My hearing is not so great. I am not ready to resort to a hearing aid, but those old-fashioned cone-in-the-ear things look kind of appealing.

In spite of my condition, I have a superhuman ability to tune into any suspicious whispering. For example, one day I overheard a four-year-old girl saying to a classmate,

"You're fat."

I walked over to the child and said,

"What did you say?"

She immediately responded,

"I meant to say she smelled just like a flower."

Ah! I see. Well now, that would've been a nice thing to say. It's too bad it came out as "you're fat."

I had to give her points for her quick thinking. It was a bit frightening just how quick her thinking was though. Of course we had the discussion about feelings, kindness, being a good friend, and so on.

I'd like to write more on this topic, but I should really go take a shower. This perfume makes me feel so fat...