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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

From Kiddies to Kitties: Switching Gears to Discuss Pet Adoption

I just rebooted my laptop. Again. One of my newly adopted cats stepped on the keyboard and put my computer into limbo. The cats have been exploring every square inch of our home; apparently, that includes my C: drive.

My husband and I recently adopted two little ladies from Mary’s Kitty Korner. We adopted Magoo (so named for her perpetual stink-eye look) and Amy to help fill the void left after recently euthanizing a beloved pet. They have indeed filled the void - with affection, crazy antics, and to our dismay, an astonishing amount of flatulence.

-0pkop;l  ← (Magoo says hello)

Located in Granby, Mary’s Kitty Korner is home to several dozen homeless cats and run by kind, dedicated volunteers. Mary’s Kitty Korner has cats of every color, size, and personality. It is surprisingly clean (no small task) and the cats are well tended to. The volunteers were eager to introduce us to the cats and to help us find a good fit.   

If you are contemplating pet ownership, please visit the website for Mary’s Kitty Korner or one of the many animal rescue groups, such as Animal Friends of Connecticut. Countless animals are waiting for loving homes. For every cat you adopt from Mary’s, another is rescued from a high-kill shelter. One adoption saves two cats.

Mary’s requires that those interested in adopting fill out an application. This requirement is understandable - the cats at Mary’s have all been through some difficult times and deserve to go to safe, loving homes. One of our cats had been rescued from a swimming pool, nearly drowned. The other is an orphan. The other cats we met were rescued from abandoned homes, hoarding situations and fires. Others were there because their owner had died or because they had been rejected after not being a good fit in their original home.  

One of the helpful features of the website for Mary’s Kitty Korner is that each cat has the equivalent of a little Facebook profile complete with “Likes” (as in “Likes” Dogs or “Likes” to live somewhere without young children). This helps to ensure that the cats go to a suitable home. In the event that an adoption does not work out, Mary’s has a “no questions asked” return policy.

Age, history, and health information are provided in most cases. Mary’s Kitty Korner keeps all cats up to date with vaccinations, tests cats for Feline Leukemia/FIV, and spays/neuters cats when they are old enough.

Making the decision to adopt a pet was easy. However, deciding which animal to adopt was not so easy. Hopefully, this post will help find homes for a few of the other cats that we had to leave behind.

Other things you can do to help:

-          Do your research before getting a pet
-          Spay/neuter your pet
-          Donate to animal adoption agencies
-          Encourage others to do all of the above

Special thanks to our wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Staudacher of Roaring Brook Veterinary Hospital in Canton.