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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Power of the Written Word

Notebooks and a variety of writing materials are frequently provided for our students, in order to encourage them to practice writing, regardless of where they are with their skills.  I have found notebooks with several consecutive pages of scribble "cursive", painstakingly and precisely written on each line.

Students in our classes use notebooks and paper to take orders, make notes about things that they observe, write down clues, label items, make signs, write letters, draw, and much more.  Prior to a class during which we use the notebooks, we often tear out the old entries so that the notebooks are fresh.  We find all sorts of interesting entries, but the above is one of my favorites. I keep it in my office, and it always makes me laugh.

With the ability to write comes power.  I remember being sent to my room as a child, and being so angry, that I wrote down the word "cripes" on a piece of paper. I remember thinking that my parents could control what I said out loud, but that I could write whatever I wanted on paper. I sure showed them.  Back to work - I have much to do. Doody doo doo poo!