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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fair Weather Friends

When preschoolers start criticizing your clothes, it’s time to go shopping.

One particularly freezing day (the kind where the insides of your nose stick together when you sniffle) I was dressed in my warmest wool pullover.

During snack time, one of the little boys in my preschool program said,

“Miss Angela, why are you wearing that shirt? That doesn’t look like you. Take that off. What do you have on under there?” (my t-shirt collar was visible at the neckline).

“Yeah. You look like a heater,” added another little boy.

(A heater?!?)

“A heater? What do you mean?”

“You’re all heated up,” he replied, munching on his granola bar.

Hmmm. A heater. A lot of critical comments have gone through my head while viewing myself in the mirror, but “you look like a heater” was never one of them.

“How was your day?” my husband asked later that evening.

“Well, somebody told me that I looked hot,” I yelled down the hall, grabbing my flannel p.j.s.